Over 15 years of training K-9's for detection , tracking for search and rescue, and handler protection for police and private security.  Now providing financing for law enforcement.

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K-9 Training Aids and Books

Want to use real narcotics to train but don't have access? Want to train with your K-9 offsite, but don't want to transport your drugs?  We have narcotic scented training aids made of REAL drug odor.

We also have manuals to learn how to train, correct training issues and track your daily training exercises for Narcotic detection & Tracking

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Drugeat K-9 Certification

Make sure you and your K-9 is certified to do the job you are trained to do.   Drugbeat K-9 Certifications are recognized across the country as a top certification for your K-9 team.  Certifying agents available across the country and available to Law Enforcement and Private Security teams

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We have provided dog sales, K-9 training videos, books and training aids, and K-9 certifications for over 20 years for law enforcement and private security.  Because your time is valuable, we are your one stop shop for all your Police K-9 Sales and Training, Certifications and Supplies.  Please contact GDL040257@aol.com or call 417-353-1596 for your questions, concerns or comments.