Become a Drugbeat K-9 Certifying Agent

Become a Certifying Agent for Drugbeat

If you are in law enforcement or a professional K-9 trainer for scent detection work you could become a certifying agent for Drugbeat.

In order to be able to certify for narcotics you MUST have legal access to real drugs either through your department or with a DEA License. Pseudo's are not to be used in certifications.

You MUST have K-9 training experience for Scent detection work! Obedience training does not qualify you to be a certifying agent. You MUST be able to show where your training has come from, and it needs to be relative to the types of training listed along the side of this page.

As a Drugbeat certifying agent you will be required to provide testing to law enforcement and private security personnel needing certification for their working K-9's. In return, you receive 70% of the fees collected for these certifications.

You will also receive a page advertising your business on this website. A brief biography, picture and all of your contact information and links to your web-page is provided free of charge.  This information can be supplied by you and can be as much or as little as you would like to provide.  If you do not supply us with information you will still have your own page with contact information.

If you are interested in becoming a certifying agent, please click the link below, this will take you to a printable .PDF file. There is a $150.00 processing fee which is fully refunded if you are not accepted as a certifying official.



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