1. The certifying agent will determine how to lay the track, its length, and age of track. The track is to be No Less than one hour old. Suggested length of track no less than 1000 yards. The track should have at least 2-90 degree turns in the track and should be laid with the wind behind the k-9s back. There should be cross tracks laid by at least 1 other person

2. The track needs to be across at least 3 different surfaces. (i.e. concrete, asphalt, rocks, grass, water…etc..)

3. If the K-9 has not tracked the track layer to the end of the track and located the track layer, the K-9 must be marked as failed. (No Exceptions to this)

4. The handler must not know how the track was laid.

5. No markings to be used to mark the track with.