Our Approach

Our narcotic detection K-9’s are all trained on 6 basic drug odors.  These are Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, and Hashish.  They will also alert on Ecstasy.   They are put through a very thorough and intensive training program; with at least 2 weeks spent working in schools, motels, and trucking companies, salvage yards and airports.   They are trained to search in many different situations and scenarios, including highway drug interdiction searches.

What we offer:

  • POST Continuing education hours
  • Drugbeat K-9 Certification
  • Flexible Scheduling and individual classes
  • Competitive pricing with financing available*
  • Maintenance training; 20 hrs per year for 5 years

What You can expect:

  • P.O.S.T. Continuing Education Handler Training
  • ILETSB Approved Handler Training & Certification
  • Drugbeat Certified

We won't waste your time with large classes or untrained dogs.  You will in 40 hours (1 week) learn what you need to do in order to handle your drug detection K-9  in the real world.

We will work around your schedule if needed.  Additional disciplines (tracking or handler protection training) are additional time in training.

Financing is now available to all law enforcement agencies in order to assist you in getting out on the street and into your community without having to wait to have the funds all at once.

Meet our Dogs

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect dog for you, your department or business.  The dogs shown below are not inclusive of the K-9s currently in training.  If you don't see a dog you like, please let us know and we are happy to find one to suit your needs.



Black German Shepherd

Panzer is a male German Shepherd, ready and very willing to go out there and make some good drug busts for your town or county.



Chocolate Lab

Kevlar is a male, about 18 months old.  Like any chocolate lab he is full of personality and drive to work.  He will be a great addition to your department Narcotics Unit.

Next Steps...

Call, text or email Gary today to discuss financing options for your department and reserve your K-9 today.

GDL040257@aol.com or 417-353-1596